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Connect With S O A R

Student Opportunity and Resource Network


At SOAR Network, our mission is to connect new students with activities and opportunities in their community that enable them to pursue their passions. To do this, we employ a network of volunteers who have knowledge and experience of clubs and activities at Tabb High School.

If you would like to utilize SOAR Network, get connected below or sign up to be a SOAR volunteer.

Get Connected

To get connected with clubs and activities at Tabb High School, fill out the embedded form below using your YCSD email to let us know about your interests. Volunteers from the clubs and activities that you selected will be in contact with you shortly after completing the form, so make sure to check your email frequently.

Become a Volunteer

If you are already connected in your community, or you are part of a new club or activity that you would like to add to our network, then SOAR would love to have you as a volunteer. Sign up using the embedded form below and start helping new students get connected.