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School Clinic

School Nurse
Holly Reeves, BSN, RN
Phone:  757-867-5301  Fax:  877-829-0311


Clinic Procedure

General Information

  • All students must have a pass from their teacher to enter the clinic during class time unless it is an emergency.   The attendance office will be notified of any early dismissals and they will be added to the absentee list. 
  • Annual Health Update Cards will go home with students the first day of school. This should be kept current as it is our quickest source of information in case of emergencies.

Oral Medication

  • Whenever possible, medication should be taken at home.  However, the clinic understands there are times when medication must be taken at school.  Students are not allowed to keep oral medication with them.  All oral medication, whether it is prescription or over the counter, must be kept in the clinic and administered by the nurse.  The medication must be in its original container with the student’s name on the medication container.  The written permission form, which is linked below, must be filled out and signed by the parent/guardian before medication can be administered.  *Phone permission is not allowed for medication dispensing.  Any medication not in its original container will be confiscated and kept in the clinic until student’s parent/guardian can pick it up.  The nurse can only administer medication according to the directions on the container.  If the student takes more medication than directions state, a physician’s order must be obtained and given to the nurse.  All prescription medication must be in its original container with the student’s name, medication, dosage, time of medication dispensing, and doctor’s name. All oral medication must be brought to school by the parent/guardian.  Students are NOT allowed to transport medication to school.

Asthma Inhalers

  • Asthma inhalers may be carried with students for self-administration once the physician’s permission form is completed. Forms for self-administration of asthma inhalers are kept in the clinic and must be signed by a doctor and parent.

Epi Pens

  • EpiPens may be carried with students for self-administration once the physician’s permission form is completed: EpiPen Permission Form . EpiPens stored in the clinic and not retrieved before the last school day will be discarded at the end of the school year per YCSD guidelines.

Gym Notes

  • Parents may write a note excusing their student from PE due to illness or injury for up two classes. A physician’s note is required when lack of participation exceeds two PE classes. Gym notes must be brought to the clinic before being taken to their gym teacher, preferably first thing in the morning.


  • Click on the link below for a current list of immunizations required in Virginia:

  • In July of 2021,  the Virginia Department of Health added the meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV4, Menactra, Men ACWY) as a new immunization requirement for school.  Students will be required to have a dose at age 16 or older.  Proof of immunization will need to be received prior to the first day of school for the 2023-2024 school year.  As you are scheduling physician appointments for your child over the course of this school year or over the summer, please review your child’s immunization record and plan to receive this vaccine if needed.  You may also contact the Virginia Department of Health Immunization Clinic in Newport News at (757) 594-7410.  They offer free required vaccinations but currently ask that you call to make an appointment.  Many of our local pharmacies will also provide the vaccine.

    If your student has already received the immunization, please provide documentation to the school nurse by e –mail (, fax (877-829-0311), or send a hard copy to the front office.

     The only exceptions to this requirement will be a medical or religious exemption.

    ***Please be aware that meningococcal B is an additional recommended vaccine, but is not required for school and does not meet the requirement.***

Clinic Information